Wednesday, 26 August 2009

BBAW Book Quiz

In honour of BBAW 2009, I am setting ten questions to test your knowledge and love of books. In each case the name of both the book and the author are required. In some cases, bonus marks are available where extra information is requested.

I will publish at the end of next week the correct answers, and the name of the person who got closest to maximum marks. Please email your answers to me at guyfs[AT]yahoo[DOT]co[DOT]uk

1. In which book does the reader first make the acquaintance of Peter Duck's cave?
2. Which two doomed lovers unwittingly drink a love potion, with tragic consequences since the woman is about to marry another man?
3. A chance encounter at a railway station leads to the hero being entrusted with a magical device which can produce, amongst other things, armies of miniature soldiers. What was it, and what was his name?
4. What does Justine lead us into, and what is unusual about the story which follows?
5. Who rings a long and complicated peal of bells at short notice on New Year's Eve, and how does a subsequent flood help him to solve a deadly mystery?
6. Which former army officer, who at one time advertised himself in "The Times" as being ready to resort to crime "if of a relatively humorous description" plays a key role in suppressing a plot to manufacture synthetic diamonds?
7. Who proposes marriage to the wrong sister on impulse and later seeks to undo his mistake by means of an arson attack?
8. Which book opens with a celebrated author in bed with his catamite when surprised by an archbishop, visting him in honour of his 81st birthday?
9. Who bribes a milkman to lend him his uniform in order to run away to Scotland, leaving a stabbed corpse in his flat upstairs?
10. Which two young men use the torn-off covers of a bible to brush a swarm of insects off the naked body of a young woman?

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